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gtworks canopy roof rack platform
gtworks canopy roof rack platform 2
gtworks canopy roof rack platform 4
gtworks canopy roof rack platform 4
gtworks roof rack platform 5
gtworks roof rack platform 6
gtworks roof rack platform 7

Canopy Roof Rack Platform


Australia Design Registration Protected 

Modular roof rack system to suit GTWORKS IDC and IDC EVO canopy. Patented alloy roof rack bar with inbuilt tracks - four of them !! excellent provision for mounting accessories such as: tie down provision, load stopper, lash straps. 

The roof rack bar shapes as oval so to provide the maximum contact surface for your cargo. With such strong profile, the longitudinal roof rack bar can be extended up to 3 meter for accommodation of the extension ladder, long conduit holder etc. 

The pack consists of FOUR across bars and TWO longitudinal bars. Optional across bars can be purchased.

Multiple sizes available:

- IDC13 Full Platform | length:1.3 meter | Cost: $814
- IDC16 Full Platform | length: 1.56 meter | Cost: $880
- IDC18 Full Platform | length: 1.8 meter | Cost: $946
- IDC21 Full Platform | length: 2.15 meter | Cost: $990
- IDC25 Full Platform | length: 2.5 meter | Cost: $1196
- IDC30 Full Platform | length: 3 meter | Cost: $1300


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