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Australian Registered Design | IP Right Registered 

SKU: UTD16 | UTD17


Say "NO" to ugly trundles, 

GTWORKS brings you the best looking under tray drawer to match the best looking GTWORKS tray.

We use the materials others deemed too expensive:

  • Advanced 9mm honeycomb composite panel as lid/floor; heavy duty aluminium extrusion as runners.

  • Lid provides water/dust retardancy when closed; when pulled out – can be used as a workbench, it is so strong that you can sit on top of it.

  • The drawer weights 20% lighter than the other drawers on the market and provides 140mm height and 750mm internal clearance for storage. Internal length are 1500mm and 1600mm respectively for UTD16 and UTD17

  • Automotive cam lock 

  • Heavy-duty pull out handle 

  • Distinct look of the rear panel to give someone drives behind you something to admire 

To Suit:  UTD16 - GTX5 Tray 
              UTD17 - GTX6 Tray

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